Corona Virus Notice

In accordance with the UK Government guidance to implement “social distancing” we have cancelled all face to face meetings until further notice. God willing, we will be meeting instead by Zoom for our memorial meeting (11am, Sunday) and Bible Class (7:30pm, Thursday).

Please use the opportunity to look round our website and revisit our pages regularly where we will post updates about when we can reconvene.

We are aware that many people will be worried by the current situation and we pray for the ill and those that care for them. Most of all we pray for the return of our Lord Jesus.


God Revealed in the Old Testament

The popular image of the Lord God in the Old Testament is that of a remote and austere deity, finding fault and sending dreadful retribution on those who transgress His laws. This is a travesty of the truth. The Almighty is shown in the Old Testament as a God of awesome majesty who must be approached with respect, but also desiring to be close to His creation, wanting them to love and worship Him. [Read More]